Venus Enters Pisces: The Goddess of Unconditional Love

Venus the Goddess of love; beauty; relationships; our self worth and values has moved into the dreamy, ethereal, compassionate sign of Pisces on Saturday, February 10th at 3:19pm PST. Did you feel the shift??

Venus in Pisces is the exaltation of the highest illuminated love vibration and is the romantic dreamer and healer of the zodiac.

As we weave between Eclipses and pass through this interdimensional portal of consciousness, we will begin to feel a heightened energetic shift of transcendence toward a greater state of awareness and togetherness with more authenticity and grace.

There is a tenderness to Piscean energy that will help us tune into a softer, more fluid frequency of this vibration, and we will begin to treat both ourselves and others with greater kindness and compassion.

Venus in Pisces exudes unconditional LOVE and then radiates this powerful energy into all she cares about. It is the, “I feel it in my soul, so let’s do this,” kind of energy; It is the ultimate vibration of creation and manifestation for the highest good of all.

The Goddess of LOVE will flow through the gentle sign of Pisces until March 6th, and during this transit, we will all be more willing and naturally inclined to work together to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place.

Let us all take more time to embody and express the LOVE VIBRATION in its purest form- all while bringing in the beauty and the magic of the world around us with greater flow and ease.

Sending out the highest vibrational energy of LOVE and pure white light to you all and may you have a blessed and beautuful night with the sweetest of dreams.

Astro-Thoughts as the Sun Transitions Through Libra

The energy and vibration you emanate creates your reality; this includes your daily experience, your manifestations, and the relationships you experience in life.

As the Sun transitions through the zodiac sign of Libra for the next 26 days, our personal relationships become the focus of our internal and collective consciousness, and this includes both the relationship to self and the relationship to others.  By allowing the release and surrender of vibrations that are no longer serving you, you are creating space for transformation and allowing yourself to consciously blossom and grow, existing in a higher plane or elevated level of consciousness.

They say people enter your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime; now is a wonderful time for reflection and to determine whether the relationships in your life are aligned with your greatest good and if they are fully supporting you in coming into deeper alignment with who you really are.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 28th/29th 2014: Your Truth Will Set You Free

The New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse occurs Monday and Tuesday, April 28th and 29th at 11:14 PDT.  A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth align, as the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, dimming its light.  This transit intercepts energy from the Sun and how it illuminates and affects the web of life here on Earth, rebooting us with a new consciousness.  A Solar Eclipse is a rare and powerful New Moon, and is the perfect time to put forth positive energy and intentions into the Universe.  Align your goals with your truth, while clearly and deliberately focusing these intentions, and channel this Solar Eclipse to help manifest a new reality and a positive change for yourself and the collective consciousness.


At 9 degrees Taurus, this Solar Eclipse focuses on change and uncovering our authentic inner truth.  Now is the time to get real, ground yourself, and focus on what you want to birth and/or rebirth in your life.  Taurus energy is ruled by the planet Venus, and encourages us to align with our deepest values and an unconditional love for both ourselves and for others.  This, in its essence, lays the foundation for embracing our truth, encourages gratitude and an appreciation for all, and is subsequently the catalyst toward making healthy decisions in our lives and aligning with Source; the true path to our divine soul purpose.


Now is a time for feeling.  It’s the time to quiet the mind, and let the heart do the speaking.  So much of what has so long been suppressed is now coming to light.  It may feel as if our foundation, the very ground beneath us, has been shaking and is in the midst of crumbling away.  If this feels so, then allow it to dissolve and crumble away!  This release of energy is much needed to rebuild on what is real and what is true.  With a heart filled with  gratitude and compassion for the lessons learned, now is the time to consciously detach from the energies of the world that no longer serve you and a higher vibrational good.  This can mean the release of people, of places, material things, ideas, emotions and beliefs, anything tangible or intangible that is stunting your progress toward your true potential.


So much of our old value systems are based on illusions.  Illusions about ourselves, illusions about others and illusions of the world are constructs of the mind and the ego and are in fact holding us back.  These illusions create a foundation like straw, they can be burnt down or blown away with the wind on a whim.  The truth runs deep, it is solid and it is abiding.  It will provide a dependable foundation with strong and powerful roots that will help nurture your growth and transcends all obstacles and time.  I feel we are being given a choice. Do you want to begin this new journey with a foundation made from straw, or do you deserve a new, solid foundation made of brick like truth?


Empower yourself, and refuse to fall victim to a fear of change.  Embrace this need for growth and development and allow it to clear space for new beginnings.  Break free from antiquated paradigms that are conditioned by low frequency fears, negativity and doubts.   We are either prisoners of or empowered by our thoughts and our values.  Our very thoughts create our reality and have the power to manifest anything we desire and strive toward if we believe it possible and will it so.  Now is the time for seeing and embracing what is real and allowing new energy to come in and help us transform and evolve toward a positive, more divinely aligned future.


Welcoming these changes and surrendering to a deep, unwavering inner truth takes courage, perseverance  and strength.  Channel this earthy and powerful Taurus energy as a catalyst toward the positive changes you desire, and push forward with a determined commitment toward your goals and a peaceful force.  Now is a time for being fully present in the moment and for trusting and believing in your truth.  It is our truth that sets us free, gives us wings to fly and grants us the strength to reach the highest heights we’ve always dreamed of.     .