Introduction: Awaken Your Inner Goddess!

Have you ever had a moment in your life when either seemingly out of nowhere or perhaps through difficult trials and tribulations, a feeling of energy, strength, resilience, an infinite and supreme awareness filled with emotion, beauty and knowing rushes through you and suddenly you feel like you can achieve anything you put your effort and your mind to?  It’s a kind of beautiful and powerful confidence that cannot be found from outside influences, it cannot be found through other people or through material things.  It can’t be found through acknowledgements, achievements, through someone else telling you how to feel or by an outside source trying to control your emotions or your values. It’s a moment in your journey through this beautiful life, when you are completely present, when you are living in and appreciating each moment, accepting life on its terms, and you are finally aware of the true strength and potential you individually possess. It is awakened not because someone told you so, but because you just know it is there. You can feel it and you own it. It awakens a strength in you that may have secretly been hiding deep inside, but suddenly, it transcends all the hurt, the pain, the worry and negativity you’re feeling or have experienced in your past, even if for just a brief moment in time. You know deep in your heart and in your soul you are special.  You are important. You are fully aware that in this moment, you are a powerful being filled with strength, perseverance and light, owning a heart filled with love and a mind strong enough to overcome any obstacle! Your Divine Femininity is power and in this moment, there isn’t anything or anyone that can change it or take it away from you.

This is your Divine Inner Goddess moment. It is a moment when you delve deep into your soul and into your true self and through this moment, your true strength shines outward for all the world to see. Your inner beauty comes from deep within and its glorious light emanates outward. The innate presence in owning your true value and your true strength inspires others, empowers everyone and everything your presence touches, but most of all, it empowers YOU. You are sending the specific message out into the universe you are strong, you are present, you are confident, you are knowing and most of all, you are worth all the great things this wonderful life has to offer. In return, you have so many incredible gifts to share with the world. Your Divine Inner Goddess is waiting for you to discover your true power, your true inner beauty and through this, you awaken your true greatest potential. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live in that new space every single day for the rest of your life? Well you can, you deserve it and you will! It takes courage to awaken your Inner Goddess, but I promise, she is there. It is within you and it is within us all.

Hi! I’m Erika Othen and I have created Divine Inner Goddess to encourage all women to discover and awaken their Inner Goddess and to inspire women everywhere to live in that space every single day and in all aspects of their life. Through empowering yourself, you empower everyone and everything around you. The universe becomes a more peaceful, pleasant, beautiful and abundant place. Through awakening your Divine Inner Goddess, you can truly connect with the infinitely special, deserving, unique, complex and powerful being you are. You can genuinely appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer and you awaken the ability to achieve everything and anything you have ever dreamed of! You really do deserve all the beautiful gifts this life has to offer and you have so many beautiful gifts to share with the world in return! You are worth it! You will feel inspired to love everyone and everything around you, but most of all, you will be inspired and empowered to love and to treasure yourself. Empowering your Inner Goddess awakens a more beautiful you and in turn, makes the world a more beautiful place. God has given us all special gifts, but how we use those gifts are our gift to God.

Smile. You’re a Goddess.